miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2012

The Noah Castle Film Awards Part I (Special Awards Part I):

Finally! I thought this day would never come! The NCFAs are here!! These awards are a celebration for the best in film during 2011. You can see a bunch of special categories over at the main page, clicking on this sentence. Here at the blog, you can scroll down to see the sexiest characters in the year. Let the sexiness begin!
But first, let's talk about adorableness. Not that they're not sexy, but you might want more than just a one-night-stand with these two, something more like a lifetime of devotion... Oliver and Anna. Anna and Oliver.

While many people will remember 2011 as the year in which James Franco stood blandly around while monkeys did things, I'll cherish his Prince Fabious with his long hair and his big arms... Belladonna was a lucky maiden indeed.

Everyone is talking about The Avengers now, but it was 2011 the year that gave us the two pictures above. Would a porn version of the super-mega-hit too much to ask?
Don Draper is very sexy. John Hamm is very sexy as a nowadays person. I would't think twice about that nap...

Rodrigo García knows what we want! Enough with the epiphanies on the beach and more naked Aaron Johnson!!

If the sexiest award should go to a single person this year...

...that person would be Michael Fassbender, hot as a sex-addict,

as a Jung, as a Magneto and as a Rochester.

That scene where he puts out the fire in his nightgown was bliss.
We have some place for the ladies as well, (or have we?) and Elena Anaya is the sexiest of them all. She got outshined last year by Yarovenko but between Natasha and Vera Cruz it would be impossible to choose.

Is this really the same guy that was in Lars and the Real Girl? He was unbelievably hot in Crazy, Stupid Love but...

I prefer him driving and forcing the truth out of Christina Hendricks.

One Day gives us a lot of opportunities to enjoy Jim Sturgess' beauty but in this picture he is just flawless!

lunes, 7 de mayo de 2012

The Year of the Smart Blockbuster

The Avengers has smashed every box office record and I am certainly glad that Avatard or whatever Harry Potter thingy that held the title can no longer claim it. Because The Avengers is a really good film.

As is The Hunger Games. These two films being tremendously entertaining and a lot smarter than what superheroes and young-adult literary sagas have had us expecting, got me thinking that maybe 2012 would be the year of the smart blockbuster.

If Prometheus, The Amazing Spiderman and The Dark Knight Rises deliver what has been promised by their latest trailers, it very well might be. Time (and reviews and box office) will tell...