miércoles, 20 de marzo de 2013

Some ends, some goes on...

TV, that is! 

Firstly, we have to officially wrap our heads around the fact that Enlightened is no more. We have seen all there is to be seen of Amy Jellicoe but at least we have the consolation of it being perfect. No wacky this-is-past-its-prime plotlines. Just two seasons of perfection. And yet, I will miss those crazy people. It has been wonderful to see a TV show so willing to dwelve in the difficulties of life, even if TV is usually so comforting because those difficulties are forgotten. What I mean is that, in your typical TV show it is extremely easy to tell apart the good guys from the bad guys and you always love the main character (unless we are talking about Smash...). But in Enlightened, these decisions are as tough as they are in real life. Is Amy a good person? Are her intentions always good and/or clear? Is it normal to hate her and, a second later, understand her perfectly and love her again? In conclusion: if these questions arise you probably are watching excellent television. The only thing I regret is watching the final episode without knowing it was the last one (I thought there were ten!!). Or maybe I don't regret it because the impact was stronger. I don't know. I just love it.*

Just as much (I'm not capable of playing favorites with this season TV shows) as I love Girls. And again, it is a show that lives in that grey liminal space where cool TV is born. Why? Well, I would say because, when watching it, you are always torn between hugging Hannah or slapping her. Her OCD development has been brilliant. Lena Dunham deserves acting awards this season... (those that stupidly forget Laura Dern). And Marnie. God, I love Marnie. Her singing at that party was so embarrassing... For us as an audience, too, that is what's wonderful! And Adam, so scary and so lovable... I loved, loved and loved this season. I loved how many episodes worked as independent stories. I loved Hannah going crazy. I loved Carey Mulligan's cameo and the horrifying consequences it brought. Have I said I love it?

 Well, I also love House of Cards! We started watching because we are Fincher fanboys and it was so addictive that I understand Netflix's decision to release all 13 episodes at once. If I had had to wait a week to watch what was going on I would have killed myself... I have so much love for this show that I'm even starting to like Kevin Spacey. As an actor, I mean, it would be impossible not to love Frank Underwood. And Claire, oh my God, what is going on with that lady? I can't wait to read a thesis paper on the relationship between Claire Underwood and Betty Draper. Her story with the origami has been one of the very best things I have ever seen on TV. And Peter Russo, I could not, in a million years, have seen what they were going to do with that character. Corey Stoll is not only sexy as they come, he also deserves every Supporting Actor Award there is...

So, these three wonderful ambiguous shows are over for now (Enlightened is over for good! AaAAaaHhhH!!). But, there is still plenty to see. Other shows we follow are:

  • Grey's Anatomy: Religiously. Seriously. In every aspect of life you can ask yourself: What would Meredith do? And be sure, it will be the right decision.
  • Scandal: Even though we are still watching the first season. What can be said? I'd love to live in Shondaland!
  • Modern Family: Now with a 30% less laughs! It is literally less funny every day. And I hate all of the adult characters whose last names are not Pritchett (Claire is included as a Pritchett, thank you very much). That is to say, I hate Phil, Cameron and Gloria (who used to be my favorite character!).
  • Glee: Despite my constant complaints I enjoy this show very much. I even like the new characters who are basically blueprint copies of past characters. Nevertheless, I will never stand Kurt. Santana forever, obviously. Naya Rivera is the best part, period.
  • Community: Many people are having trouble with this season (and it being DanHarmon-less) but I am liking it so far. I have already used Changnesia in order not to show up in class. It is true, though, that there is something weird about the Britta/Troy relationship (apart from the fact that Troy is mine forever, I mean...)
  • Parks and Recreation: I Shondaland ever closed I would go to live to Pawnee. And I would be so happy remembering Lil' Sebastian, renting-a-swag, blaming Jerry, eating pancakes and singing Time After Time (best moment ever, or what??)
  • New Girl: I find this more and more irritating and just when we were about to stop watching, Jess and Nick kissed! So, we HAVE to keep watching even though Schmidt is as hateful as a puppy-eating robot. He was the best part of season one but thanks to an overkill from the writers and from Max Greenfield, he is insufferable. I love Cece.
  • The New Normal: More Matt Bomer, please. I really like the characters but it is tiring that they have to learn twelve life lessons in twenty minutes of episode.
  • Smash: Or how it should be called, What Does Katherine McPhee Know About Steven Spielberg? Seriously, how can she be the leading actress not only in a musical about Marilyn but also in the TV show about said musical?!? An expired can of peaches in a wig would do a more convincing job. And Megan Hilty is so good! Why is she not Marilyn?! What is happening?!?
Anyways, I love me some TV. If it is groundbreaking, earth-shattering and sinfully good, all the better. If not... I'll probably watch it anyway.

*Another TV show that ended this season was Gossip Girl. And even though it could not hold a candle to, basically, anything else on TV, I still enjoyed the sillyness of it all. And Lily Van der Woodsen. Always Lily Van der Woodsen...

lunes, 4 de febrero de 2013

Aquí huele a pedo. Pero eso es bueno.

¿Qué mejor manera  hay de celebrar el segundo embarazo de Pé que con un top 10 de sus mejores interpretaciones? Ni champán ni serpentinas. Dame top 10s y dime tonto.

10. Carla (Nine)
Mejores momentos: "A Call from the Vatican" (obviously!) y su salida del balneario.

9. Isabel Plaza Caballero (Carne Trémula)
Mejores momentos: Pues el parto (obviously!) y la cara que pone cuando le dan el bonobús de por vida.

8. Consuela Castillo (Elegy)
Mejores momentos: Cuando el salmón mira al malo y Pé dice: "You get out of here!!" (No me acuerdo de nada de Elegy pero recuerdo que Penélope me gusto mucho...)

7. Hermana Rosa (Todo Sobre Mi Madre)
Mejores momentos: Cuando le encanta la palabra pollón y cuando llama al perro al taxi y voy yo y me deshidrato.

6. Italia (No te Muevas)
Mejores momentos: Lo bien que habla italiano y cuando baila después de abortar.

5. María Elena (Vicky Cristina Barcelona)
Mejores momentos: Cuando grita, es decir, toda la película, pero especialmente el "¡Cómo lo sabía!¡Cómo lo sabía!".

4. Macarena Granada (La Niña de tus Ojos)
Mejores momentos: Cuando demuestra todo el alemán que sabe y, obviously, "La Piconera".

3. Lena (Los Abrazos Rotos)
Mejores momentos: Todo Chicas y Maletas y el auto-doblaje.

2. Carmen Ramos (Sin Noticias de Dios)
Mejores momentos: Cuando explica por qué Dios no es Dios y cuando la Abril le pregunta si conoce la Biblia.

1. Raimunda (Volver
Mejores momentos: La conversación de teléfono en la que le es remotamente imposible salir de casa y, obviamente, "Volver".

miércoles, 9 de enero de 2013


I hate fatties! Und I hate fat!
I have the secret of cool, Stella McCartney!

I wish I was Katy Brand...

Blonde Ambitions Special Edition (The "I'm not making sense anymore")

So, again not a blonde. But if you can find a better way to finish this series than Nancy Botwin, let me know...

domingo, 23 de diciembre de 2012

Blonde Ambitions Part V (The Sixties Girls)

Yes, very few of these girls/women are blonde but that is not the point anymore so just deal with it, ok? God, that inner voice is as obnoxious as the one telling me to punch random people in the street...

So, anyway, is there a better show than Mad Men. Even though some very smart people could argue that Grey's Anatomy might give it  a run for its money, I don't think so. Mad Men is Mad Men just like Proust is Proust. And you can take that tautology to the bank!

Christina Hendricks plays Joan Holloway (Joan Harris, eventually) and she does it perfectly. Best episode for her talents: "The Other Woman". She has cameos that are wonderful in Drive and Detachment. She has also played best friend to the protagonist in a couple rom-coms. But her future seems brighter than that. She is in Ginger & Rosa, in How to Catch a Monster, the directorial debut of Ryan Gosling and in Seconds of Pleasure a film by the guy that directed Nurse Betty.

Elisabeth Moss plays Peggy Olson and she does it perdfectly. Best episode for her talents: "The Suitcase". She has no new projects as of now but I will remember her in Girl, Interrupted forever and her scene with Amy Adams and Kristen Stewart in On the Road was fun.

January Jones plays Betty Draper (Betty Francis, eventually) and she does it perfectly. It is one of the most controversial performancaes and characters on the show but do not let anyone fool you. She is pure gold. Best episode for her talents: "Shoot". As I have repeatedly said on this blog she is the most beautiful woman ever. I first saw her outside of Mad Men on The Boat that Rocked, she has also played the girl in two of the thousand films that Nicolas Cage and Liam Neeson have every year and, most famously, she has been in the new X-Men as Emma Frost. She is rumored to be on the sequel and she will almost lead in Sweetwater a film that will unveil next year at Sundance.

Jessica Paré plays Megan Calvet (Megan Draper, eventually) and she does it perfectly. Best episode for her talents: "A Little Kiss". I have never seen her outside of Mad Men, even though her Imdb biography is written passionately. Her future includes a film called Standby.

Kiernan Shipka plays Sally Draper and she does it perfectly. Best episode for her talents: "Commissions and Fees". She has worked more than any of the other actresses on this post but her best role (apart from Sally, of course) is that video of Funny or Die in which she plays a psychologist to child stars and Topanga (!) appears.

miércoles, 19 de diciembre de 2012

Blonde Ambitions Part IV (The Toddlers)

This is what happens when you procrastinate. I had planned these posts a thousand years ago. I tought about pretending to ignore the lapse of time but it might be funnier to acknowledge it.

For example, Gossip Girl has already finished (I still have to see the last three episodes, no spoilers, please!) and it looks like Blake Lively (who is a married lady (!)) will have a career in the movies. For a while at least. I loved her in Savages.

United States of Tara ended a thousand years ago and it also looks that Brie Larson will have a career in the movies. She was very good in Scott Pilgrim and 21 Jump Street.

I don't even watch True Blood anymore. But Deborah Ann Woll is still gorgeous. Yes, she is not a blonde but I don't think that comes as a surprise this late in the game, right? This is how we play in my house!

Dianna Agron isn't on Glee anymore! They have found ludicrous ways to make every character return except her. I hope Quinn is doing well in Yale. 

Do you remember that time when every episode of Modern Family was great? I do. Sarah Hyland isn't a blonde either but she is a lot of fun.

I will probably end this project in this informal and untimely manner. It's not like I'll be letting anyone down, right? This is more for me than for you. But feel free to enjoy!

jueves, 20 de septiembre de 2012

Ay, ay, ese negro cinturón...

El concierto comenzó como empiezan todos (con retraso) y como deberían empezar todos (con cerveza gratis). Christina sale al escenario, se sienta con una guitarra y empieza a cantar: "Nunca para ti es quizás..." Empezar con "La Distancia Adecuada" es todo menos un error.

Christina es la mujer más guapa del mundo y de vez en cuando, entre canción y canción, mientras se retoca el pelo coqueta, comenta cosas sobre las canciones que toca, los pajarracos de Serrat y Sabina y cierta cantante con nombre de lápiz de labios.

Si como yo pensabas que "Eclipse" era una canción perfecta, imposible de mejorar, espera  a ver el directo. Porque estás equivocado.

Después de un bis perfecto con "Jorge y Yo" y "Canción del Eco", Christina vuelve a salir a escena después de los aplausos y canta una canción más. Yo muero, resucito y vuelvo a morir.
Ay, ay, ese negro cinturón...