domingo, 20 de febrero de 2011

The Noah Castle Film Awards (Part II: Special Awards Part II)

The second part of the Special Awards are already on the main page. And a part of the anatomy of a British actress has won an award... Nope, not the boobs, sorry. But speaking of boobs and other arousing things, here we have the second part of the candidates for the Sex-On-A-Stick award!

Aaron Eckhart is a Filf (Milf sounds better) in Rabbit Hole. Well, he no longer has a son, so strictly speaking (not really) that disqualifies him as a father so he's just hot. Period. Very, very sexy indeed. There's something about his face that conveys safety and warmth...

Armie Hammer is the gift that keeps on giving. 1) He has a beautiful muscular body. 2) He has a really beautiful face. 3) He has a voice that melts underwear away. 4) In The Social Network there's two of them!!

Mila Kunis plays Lily in Black Swan. Mila Kunis is insanely hot from an objective point of view. I mean, only seeing her in pictures you can see she has a great body and a very sensual face. But Lily's attitude is pure sex. Everything she does is incredibly enticing. From dancing like a pro (a professional ballerina, I mean) to lusciously eating a hamburger all she does is sex, sex, sex.

Stephen Dorff's daughter in Somewhere is alive so he is officially a Filf! Stephen Dorff is not exactly very famous but she conveys that in the film perfectly. And fame is very exciting! Plus, he has a great body (thank you Sofia for all the shower scenes) and that scruffy sexy look...

Ok, so this is slightly illegal. Josh Hutcherson was not yet eighteen when he worked in The Kids Are All Right. Even worse, he plays a fifteen-year-old. But what can we do if he plays a hot fifteen-year-old? Well, admire him from a distance lest we should star in a new production of Lolita called Lolito...

Colin Farrell's character in The Way Back must smell pretty badly. But he is very sexy, especially when his hair is a little longer... I thought that, next to Saoirse's character, his was the most interesting. So interesting that he could do a spin-off in which he finds that he has to have sex with a lot of men in order to be free or whatever the hell he was doing during the film!

Love and Other Drugs was quite bland. But it had vast amounts of sex and nudity. And if that nudity is courtesy of Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal I can only say thank you. Thank you to whoever wrote that mess. You should have an Oscar! (not really)

And this is the end for the 2010 sexy people... In a few days I will announce the winner. There are more awards to come (acting and the BIG ones) and those will have winners too but the Special Awards on the main page will remain as they are... No winners and losers I mean, sometimes it's hard to pick a winner when only one film competes! 

Coming soon: The BIG Awards nominations (I'm leaving Acting for the end...)

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