jueves, 10 de marzo de 2011

The Noah Castle Film Awards (Part III: The Big Awards Nominations)

Truth be told, the nominations have been uploaded on the main page for almost two weeks but with the Oscars, life and similar stuff I have not had the time or the will to comment... But I'm back! 
I wanted to use this post as an explanation to the question that must be burning in your minds... Why don't I give technical awards? Well, it is, as the best explanations in life, simple and embarrassing. I don't understand them. Well, I can talk of the costumes of a movie, I can discuss the make-up and I can appreciate cinematography and more or less I understand what editing means. 
But when it comes to aural categories I'm at a loss. I have the worst ear ever to identify scores because, for some reason, they don't register in my brain. I don't even know what the difference between sound and sound editing is so I think it would be hypocritical (not to say complicated) to give awards for those categories. I promise I'm going to learn about the technical aspects in film so I can include the categories in the next NCFA's. Nevertheless I have to say that I saw how wonderful the cinematography, costumes, make up and visual effects are in Black Swan, how great the score and the cinematography are in The Social Network

how gorgeous are the cinematography and costumes of I am Love 

and how good the make-up in Splice is. By the way, a special award for best costume design should have gone to Natasha Yarovenko's parents for creating that "suit".

A category I would like to comment further is Original Song because the four nominees at the Oscars were awful and tremendously boring. The following songs would have made my list had I made such a category:
"Sticks and Stones" by Jónsi for How to Train your Dragon

"Loving Strangers" by Russian Red for Room in Rome

"Kick Ass" by Mika for Kick-Ass
And speaking of sexy young man with curly hair, here is Xavier Dolan, one of my three runner-ups for Best Director of the year. 

The other two, in case you don't recognize them, are Sofia Coppola and John Cameron Mitchell. The three do a great job at directing their respective films but some of them had to stay out...

Coming soon: Acting Awards!!

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