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The Noah Castle Film Awards (Part IV: The Acting Nominations)

If you want to, you can already see the nominations for my acting awards!! There is no commentary this time because I start writing and it is ok for a while but before I notice it, I'm writing commonplaces such as "she really embodies the character" or "she is the character" or "she really knows how to eat cheese" etc... So, no commentary! And besides, this is more Oscary-like, something I'm REALLY concerned about and that is why I'm using this post to do something that the AMPAS does... Choosing runner-ups!! (CHEAT FACTOR: Every category was supposed to have 5 runner-ups. Best Actress has 6. Deal with it! Since we are on the topic of cheating I should warn you that the breakthrough nominees are numerous in the case of the boys and very numerous in the case of the ladies...)

Runner-ups for Best Supporting Actor

Pierce Brosnan as Adam Lang in The Ghost Writer
Andrew Garfield as Tommy in Never Let Me Go
Rhys Ifans as Ivan Schrank in Greenberg

Richard Jenkins as The Father in Let Me In

Michael Lonsdale as Luc in Of Gods and Men

Runner-ups for Best Supporting Actress

Marion Cotillard as Mal in Inception

Shirley Henderson as Joy in Life During Wartime

Melissa Leo as Alice Ward in The Fighter

Jacki Weaver as Smurf in Animal Kingdom
Olivia Williams as Ruth Lang in The Ghost Writer

Runner-ups for Best Actor

Javier Bardem as Uxbal in Beautiful

Jim Broadbent as Tom in Another Year

James Franco as Aaron Rolston in 127 Hours

Ben Stiller as Roger Greenberg in Greenberg
Mark Wahlberg as Micky Ward in The Fighter

Runner-ups for Best Actress

Annette Bening as Nic in The Kids Are All Right

Juliette Binoche as Elle/She in Copie Conforme

Greta Gerwig as Florence in Greenberg
Yoon Jeong-hee as Mija in Poetry
Tilda Swinton as Emma Recchi in I Am Love

Natasha Yarovenko as Natasha in Room in Rome 

COMING SOON: The Winners!!

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