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You're Lebanese, you're Orient!

The second season of Glee is over. And if there is something that every viewer (that I know of, my claims always so scientific!!) agrees on is that the best thing about it has been Santana Lopez (Naya Rivera).

Santana started in the first half of the first season being a filling character without any other trait than being the traitor than can give information to Sue at any point without having to explain too much. In the second half, she and Brittany started having the one-liners that audiences (and I include myself proudly) adore. So much that when the second season started they had been promoted to regulars, something that Mike "dancing-should-not-look-like-a-disease" Chang could not achieve let alone Matt "transferred-to-another-school-and-never-brought-up-again" Rutherford. 

However and given that Glee is a show with 2,591 characters, some had necessarily to resent from this stepping in the spotlight from Santana. And I think it is safe to say that the character that has been relegated to oblivion has been Tina Cohen-Chang who holds the dubious honor of being the protagonist of the most bizarre (and not in a good way) moment of the season. I'm referring obviously to her rendition of "My Funny Valentine".
And I believe it is interesting to note that the first song Tina performed in the show was "I Kissed a Girl" by Katy Perry, something that led some viewers (ok, maybe just me) to believe that a lesbian plot was going to develop. And who knows if that was the case; after all, the stutter subplot is another of the weirdest things that have happened on the show. What is interesting is that now, the Lebanese (as Brittany would put it) character par excellence is Lima Heights Santana. Which makes me wonder if the lesbian plot was not fully given to Tina because she was not that interesting...

Santana, on the other hand, is not only the most interesting character in the show (even if she had the duty to say that haircut line in the finale giving way to another ass-weird situation) but also the best executed in terms of performance (I'm sorry Jane Lynch but stop crying for your sister, start bullying people and I'll love you again). So I'd like to start a FYC campaign for the Emmys. Naya Rivera, Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series!!

And just for comparison purposes, we can assure that Santana has gone from Poppita to Nicole while Tina has gone from Lil' Lily to... Exquisite Woo? Or the teacher who changed gender, whatever you prefer...

Santana's Evolution

And as it is physically impossible for me to think about Popular without renewing my vows with my Mary Cherry, here is a picture of her, just because. And by the way, Brittany still has a lot of work to do until she becomes a Mary Cherry but certainly, writing "My Cup" was a step in the right direction...

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