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Blonde Ambitions Part III (The "Older does not mean old" Pt.2)

Note: I started this series a gazillion years ago and today I felt like continuing. If everything goes as planned, I'll finish it by March, 2065.
Toni Collette wasTara in United States of Tara.

I ended up the last Blonde Ambitions post with a cheat. Rosemarie DeWitt is not a blonde. Well, but her sister Tara is. Tara was played by the wonderful Toni Collette with ease and especially with sense of humor. The show walked that blurry line that dramedy is. It had laugh-out-loud moments but the aftertaste used to be bitter. Thankfully, Collette's performance was always humanly light; even when some of the storylines were just hard to believe, she made them perfectly plausible. And her performance of all the alters is priceless... In regards to her career, well she's been nominated for an Oscar for her work in The Sixth Sense. She should have at the very least another nod for Muriel's Wedding and possibly a third one for Little Miss Sunshine.

Best Moments: My favorite alters were Alice, Gimme and Chicken

Leslie Grossman was Mary Cherry in Popular

It's Mary Cherry, y'all!! Actually it's Leslie Grossman but she will always be Mary Cherry in my heart. She does not have a very enviable career but only playing the Southern Belle Mary Cherry in Popular is enough for me. She was the highlight of an awesome show... Also, she was in Grey's Anatomy as a lovely hypochondriac who had to have her husband's poop up her nose... Everyone with a brain knows that Ryan Murphy should give her an epic role in Glee. Even better if she gets to play Mary Cherry all grown up!

Best Moments: Mascara-eyes when imagining winning Prom Queen, the episode she goes poor, finding her long-lost twin sister... Oh! And they call her QUACK!!

Elizabeth Mitchell was Juliet in Lost
When you're alone and life is making you lonely you can always go... Downtowon. From the moment the song started playing and Juliet burnt her muffins I was completely in love with her. And I didn't even know what the hell was she doing on the show. A bad guy turned good guy, Juliet and her untimely death (she was so brave!!) will live forever in the brains of us, pop culture junkies. She was in the V remake but I never saw it...

Best Moments: The relationship with Jack through the glass. I was never really into her coupling with Sawyer...

Lisa Kudrow was Phoebe in Friends
Phoebe Buffay is the kind of friend anyone would want. She is funny, caring, generous and makes wonderful 3D art. It is almost impossible to choose a favorite Friend but Phoebe would fight for the top spot. Lisa Kudrow is one half of Romy and Michele (which I haven't seen yet!!) and was the worst part of Easy A but still, thanks for Phoebe.

Best Moments: Gauze, we need more gauze!!

Sarah Jessica Parker was Carrie in Sex and the City
What can I say about Carrie? I love her so much that I convinced myself for a long time that Sex and the City: the Movie deserved a spot on the top Five of films of 2008. That's right. If I had voted for the Oscars I would have voted for that film. Having rewatched it recently, I can say that I was blinded. By the wonderful wardrobe and the silly puns. And being almost a full-fledged adult, I can say: NEVER follow romantic advice from this show. That is not how healthy adults should behave (well, probably Samantha was the only one honest in her relationships...) Sarah Jessica Parker was also wonderful in Ed Wood and Hocus Pocus and she was so funny in The First Wives Club (and she probably was the one to suggest Morty the earring and thus provided the world with the wonderful line: "Morty, Morty, what are you? A pirate?")

Best Moments: Carrie: I was just reading.
                        Enid: Hello.
                        Carrie: Hi.
Also the ending of season 2, wishfully thinking that it was Big who couldn't tame her, walking wearing the Galliano newspaper dress after talking to Natasha and the way she tosses the plant that Aidan had brought into the trash and walks away in that wonderful skirt. (It was all about the clothes!!)

Thea Gill was Lindsay in Queer as Folk
Lindsay in Queer as Folk was half of the super couple that everyone rooted for. The fate of Justin and Brian was always obscure but Lindsay and Melanie HAD to be together. She was the best friend, wife and mother (with the permission of Debbie) you could find in Pittsburgh. Extra Points: Thea Gill played Diana Childs in the ridiculously awesome show Dante's Cove and her portrayal of the deranged witch was just nuts!

Best Moments: I loved Lindsay when she was good (most of the time) but I adored her when she was bad. It showed that she was human.Highlights were her sleeping with the famous painter and telling her friends' secrets to a lawyer for some selfish purpose I've forgotten.

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