martes, 4 de septiembre de 2012


The cold is here and I am still thinking about 2011. I decided against finalists in technical categories but I had to make a few exceptions:

Not a finalist per se, since "Immigrant Song" is not an original song, but God, is it an amazing song! I feel so badass when I listen to this, I almost belive I'm Lisbeth!

 This two movies (Cave of Forgotten Dreams and Pina) deserve an honorable mention for being the only films so far to have used 3D in coherent and amazing ways to storytelling effects not just to shove a dog's face in our lap. They are both documentaries but I am inclined to think that it has something to do with the water in Germay since both Wenders and Herzog are from the land of the sausages...
 Also, in the makeup category, I would like to mention three films that, even though none of them would not be my sixth spot (That's A Dangerous Method), use makeup very brilliantly to convey depression and/or paranoia on three gorgeous actresses.

Martha Marcy May Marlene
 And Melancholia
Oh, and finally, I thought of a new special award and I wanted to share it: BEST USE OF METAFICTION! The nominees are:
Winnie the Pooh with its stumbling phrases and letters ultimately used to build a ladder.

Scream 4, with the iPhones, the movie(s) within the movie(s) and such.

And Margaret, because it really is like a novel as life is like a novel and whether we like it or not, some characters are going to be supporting.

Anyway the technical awards are uploaded on the main page, clicking on Competitve Awards if you visit from the main page. Hope you enjoy!

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