domingo, 23 de diciembre de 2012

Blonde Ambitions Part V (The Sixties Girls)

Yes, very few of these girls/women are blonde but that is not the point anymore so just deal with it, ok? God, that inner voice is as obnoxious as the one telling me to punch random people in the street...

So, anyway, is there a better show than Mad Men. Even though some very smart people could argue that Grey's Anatomy might give it  a run for its money, I don't think so. Mad Men is Mad Men just like Proust is Proust. And you can take that tautology to the bank!

Christina Hendricks plays Joan Holloway (Joan Harris, eventually) and she does it perfectly. Best episode for her talents: "The Other Woman". She has cameos that are wonderful in Drive and Detachment. She has also played best friend to the protagonist in a couple rom-coms. But her future seems brighter than that. She is in Ginger & Rosa, in How to Catch a Monster, the directorial debut of Ryan Gosling and in Seconds of Pleasure a film by the guy that directed Nurse Betty.

Elisabeth Moss plays Peggy Olson and she does it perdfectly. Best episode for her talents: "The Suitcase". She has no new projects as of now but I will remember her in Girl, Interrupted forever and her scene with Amy Adams and Kristen Stewart in On the Road was fun.

January Jones plays Betty Draper (Betty Francis, eventually) and she does it perfectly. It is one of the most controversial performancaes and characters on the show but do not let anyone fool you. She is pure gold. Best episode for her talents: "Shoot". As I have repeatedly said on this blog she is the most beautiful woman ever. I first saw her outside of Mad Men on The Boat that Rocked, she has also played the girl in two of the thousand films that Nicolas Cage and Liam Neeson have every year and, most famously, she has been in the new X-Men as Emma Frost. She is rumored to be on the sequel and she will almost lead in Sweetwater a film that will unveil next year at Sundance.

Jessica Paré plays Megan Calvet (Megan Draper, eventually) and she does it perfectly. Best episode for her talents: "A Little Kiss". I have never seen her outside of Mad Men, even though her Imdb biography is written passionately. Her future includes a film called Standby.

Kiernan Shipka plays Sally Draper and she does it perfectly. Best episode for her talents: "Commissions and Fees". She has worked more than any of the other actresses on this post but her best role (apart from Sally, of course) is that video of Funny or Die in which she plays a psychologist to child stars and Topanga (!) appears.

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