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Actors can have penises too!

Sometimes I forget that in the world of acting men do some things too (but it is logical because women are so fascinating). Anyway, the thing is that THR has graced us with another round table, this time with actors and I have a few stupidities to say..

 The first and most noticeable thing if you are human and homosexual is that most of this men are super hot. I would definitely pay to see these three men (plus Gosling, not in this picture but possibly the hottest around the table) directed by renowned auteur Bel Ami...
 Secondly you can notice that either Robert Duvall is completely lacking in social skills or just demented. The way he made the interviewers repeat the questions was quite annoying (though the questions were bland and boring to begin with...) and his tirade against Kubrick was just blasphemy. I wonder how Jack Nicholson feels about what he said. For the record I believe that both performances Duvall despises (Nicholson's in The Shining and Malcolm McDowell's in A Clockwork Orange) are tremendously great. On the other hand I was happy to see that even grumpy Robert joined the general consensus while praising Fincher because Fincher is a lot of Fincher...
Eisenberg is, on the other hand, the one I found more likable. He was evidently very nervous, like the time when he's five minutes looking for a precise word and comes up only with "friend". He also gets points for his reaction when everyone is laughing at Duvall's dementia and for saying that working with Fincher is amazing. I also loved when he looked for approval from Ruffalo (another Fincher boy) and when he mentions his lack of experience compared to his fellow actors.
I thought Firth would be funnier slash more charming than he actually is. But he looks so smart and dashing that I can't help being in love with him. Plus he's British. The downside is he's going to get an Oscar for a role I'm not sure I'm going to enjoy a lot...
What was going on with Franco? Was he high? Or just high on himself? It was kind of pathetic when he talked about his experiences in the directing world. Bitch, please! What have you directed? Two short films? Anyway the pornstache was very hot and arrogance looks hot on him.
Oh my God, Ryan Gosling is too beautiful to be true in this interview. And he seemed nice which is something I had never felt about him before. It was like Gosling was playing Franco and Franco was playing Gosling... Just like arrogance looks hot on Franco, humbleness looks really hot on Gosling. Basically everyone was hot around the table! Have I mentioned the general hotness enough times?!?

And last but not least (least would actually be first, sorry Bob), we have not-obviously-hot-but-hot-in-a-weird-way-nevertheless Mark Ruffalo. He looked very nice talking about his background as a waiter and his family being blue collar and his starting acting in his late twenties... And he's very funny and also smart because he makes the most of the Fincher anecdote on the thousand takes by grabbing Gosling's chest... Seriously, who wouldn't do that?

As a closing note I would like to point out that even though I haven't lived many awards races (this is only my third one) it's being the most exciting by far! Yay! Awards!

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