viernes, 31 de diciembre de 2010

A Year Flashes Before My Eyes

A year in which I watched all-time classics such as Casablanca, Sunset Blvd. or The Graduate for the first time.

A year in which I started some directors' filmographies such as Haneke's and in which I finished others such as Almodóvar's.
The journey ended.

A year in which Jeringa and Pennywise travelled to the Moon.

A year in which I celebrated two years of pure bliss the same day I moved to a different flat.

A year in which I saw concerts as amazing as Mika's, Madonna's or (an after and a before in my life) Lady Gaga's.

A year in which we fought the faceless monster of bureaucracy to get a scolarship.

A year in which I finished a journey I had started three years before.

A year in which I became an adult when I moved to a different city, a wonderful city, with the best roommate/lifemate ever. Growing up involved almost crying when Ikea furniture laughed at me...

A year in which I learnt to cook, to clean, to decorate for Christmas and to buy magazines on a budget. Well, maybe I failed that last part.

A very good year.

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  1. Well done, university son. I remembered yesterday : "como hijas casaderas han ido independizándose" and it come back again. Nice to know all the big stuff you're doing with your life. I had a good feeling when I met you, I can see I was not wrong. MUA